The twittering creature wakes

How to speak out
but not risk everything?

I must risk something

Twitter is a cuckoo
laid by whatever bird devil
in the world-wide nest

It grows stronger
tweets to be fed
before the rest.

Who will act?

I have no chioce
I shall act

I have a plan
A cunning plan

It must be
an oh so
cunning plan.

I will go
into the world of twets

Seeking a holy worm
of hope

To find oh yes a follower
a following

A following
for words
I will not
dare not say

would that follower be?

2 Responses to “I HAVE A CUNNING PLAN”

  1. Andrew Carey Says:

    I see that your theme,
    (How easily we acquire themes, where once they had to be developed and composed)
    Was designed by
    Ulysses Ronquillo
    Whose name returns more than three million iterations
    on a Google search.
    That’s what happens if you design a theme.
    His theme is white on black.
    You loved it and upped his iterations.
    So that’s what happens when we rail
    Against our network, fretwork, ecoscape.
    I suppose

  2. Reluctant Twitterer wishes to announce
    reluctance to reply
    leaves me to catch the ball and bounce
    it back across the sky

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