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Script Twitters needed for new Hollyhock Movie

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Reluctant Twitterer 011

The Reluctant Twitterer is being propelled to stardom in a new film out of Hollyhock Universal Studios

Hollyhock Movies are famous for their Little Wild Life series of documentaries. Who can fail to have been moved by their first film, Stag Beatle Boll? Other blockbusters followed, such as Stick Insect Blues, and their recent success, Sheba the Amoeba.

Hollyhock Movies this week announced plans to break into the big-time with a romantic drama with an entirely new cast of characters. Director Laszlo Hilfinger is looking for someone to play the role of Little Pink Ant in the new movie, which has been provisionally named The Reluctant Twitterer.

Hilfinger says he got the basic idea from a poem in The Reluctant Twitterer blog about the little pink ant character, and a snail called Albert, who are both expected to appear in the movie.

Tempter ads are already finding their way on to U-tube.

Hollyhock Movies would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a script twitter for their new venture. Send your application to this blog as an idea (in no more than 140 characters), suggesting a story-line for The Reluctant Twitterer movie.

Ignorance is Currency

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Jefferson Memorial
Ignorance is currency
Its spread is broad and deep

Numbing the pain of wakefulness
Into a walking sleep

The circulation quickens.
Unhinged doors swing free
Expecting that which never was
And what will never be

Ignorance and freedom
by natural decree
may occupy an orchard
but not a healthy tree

The Reluctant Twitterer: A Manifesto

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The identity of the Reluctant Twitterer remains a closely guarded secret. This, despite various claims based on faulty logic. Do not assume as fact that which has not been put to the test. It is the case, for example, that RT has been given blogging space on Word Press sharing a dashboard with posts about leadership . There has never been any claim, however, that co-location should lead to the presumption of shared identity.

The Reluctant Twitterer site defines itself through its posts, examining the contemporary world, and alerting readers to present and current dangers to the planet and its inhabitants. However, it should be evident that to operate without attracting the attention on undesirable forces, anonymity is necessary. Consequently, RT has from time to time laid down clues which may be there to mislead rather than enlighten.

The mission of the Reluctant Twitter calls for collaboration by like-minded individuals. In that respect we welcome support from anyone who has been intrigued, worried, or inspired by the writing. Such support will be directly or indirectly acknowledged, as it helps shape future posts, and as the ideas of The Reluctant Twitterer become more widely known and acted upon.

Already, such support has been offered from as far afield as Moscow and Macclesfield; Boston Mass, and Boston Lincs; Woodstock and Woodford; Upminster and Upsalla: Dhaka and Delhi. Of particular interest are communications which seem utterly unconnected with serious global issues: children’s stories about ants, snails, bees, and horses. These communications may carry with them hidden messages which other readers may uncover.

Are you ready to support the cause of world peace, and oppose all efforts that threaten the imposition of tyrannical regimes from wherever source they emerge? If so, join the ranks of supporters of the Reluctant Twitter. Opposed by the creativity of the people, dictators will not prevail.


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Google Flying Saucer

War of the worlds
Google under attack

Flagship of the blogospere
severely threatened

Flags red and silver

Alien craftiness
in telltale runes

The bravest
in Twitter’s legions
cry out to warn

as Google draws back
and its denials fade
in ears of flattened corn


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Little Pink Ant

The Little Pink Ant is special
She’s as pink as an Ant can be.
She walks along on two of her legs
And talks like you and me.

The Little Pink Ant has a Secret
I wonder what it might be.
I think she has told Anastasia
Bue Anastasia won’t tell me.

Is it how the ant got her pinkness
Or can walk on just two feet?
Or because she joins in discussions
As she dances down the street?

Albert the Snail has a secret
But Albert is also discreet.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Albert
And The Little Pink Ant could meet?


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Martian fighting-machine

London calling
then silenced

Black smoke
Weed oozing from cylinders
A crazed cleric
cries Armageddon

At the weighbridge
grappling with fighting machines
The Thunder Child is breached
beneath us

All is fury and clamour


the lull beyond birdsong

Silence again
beyond the smoking

once green lands
now in the hands
of Ozymandias
as we head for Woking


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Crop Circle

At last

In a Google doodle
a Da Vinci clue

Waiting armies
share messages
bit by bit

The Twitter legions stir
grasp coordinates
leading to deep wells

Crop circles
reveal invasion plans

A wreath
to innocence
is laid
at Bagshot Heath


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Dogger Bank

When doggerel bites
It’s hard to fight
As you go from bad to worse.
The creative delight
Of evening light
Soon turns into Pumpkin verse


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Princess Cruises

We blocked you
and Winnie too

we blocked you,
Sweet Emily
and Cruising Princess
and Princess Diane

We blocked you Angel Love Bites
and Parish Hilton
and Little Ellie Bennett

We blocked you all
and all your promises

no rapture
no capture
no cruising
no bruising

Wondering what
flocking game you playin


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Tubular Bells

First U Tube
I saw
Was by
The prancing professors

Since then
I have glimpsed
the grainy world
fresh and foolish

U tube rings bells

It’s a mish mash
blancmange tout tout
of hopes and dreams

The invisible becomes visible
The unknown known

Once on the wheel
there’s no wipe button
the become carnate
completes only the roundel

echoing faintly
in hyperspace
but always rolling home