Little Pink Ant

The Little Pink Ant is special
She’s as pink as an Ant can be.
She walks along on two of her legs
And talks like you and me.

The Little Pink Ant has a Secret
I wonder what it might be.
I think she has told Anastasia
Bue Anastasia won’t tell me.

Is it how the ant got her pinkness
Or can walk on just two feet?
Or because she joins in discussions
As she dances down the street?

Albert the Snail has a secret
But Albert is also discreet.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Albert
And The Little Pink Ant could meet?


8 Responses to “LITTLE PINK ANT”

  1. I have a sneaking feeling that Albert and The Little Pink Ant will meet in the not too distant future.

    • I have the feeling Albert and The Little Pink Ant will meet in the not too distant future because destiny prevails. Million reasons why they should meet all for the very good reason the garden blooms better because of care and interest in the fine details of garden needs in norturing.

      No wonder The Little Pink Ant gets the attention. She wears the feminine colour PINK. My advise to Albert , if you dont take your chances to meet The little Pink Ant you may possibly lose your chances forever. Dont delay, this is your chance.
      I myself love pink a truly adorable womans favourite colour very sweet and attractive, chooses no age and retains the youthfulness in me. I even park at the pink parking lot because it brightens and pinks my day. Cheers!

  2. The Little Pink Ant has met Albert — with a surprising result!

    Read here:


  3. […] says he got the basic idea from a poem in The Reluctant Twitterer blog about the little pink ant character, and a snail called Albert, who are both expected to appear […]

  4. […] In one, an appeal was made for a detective to help solve an unspcified problem. Following the appeal, posts appeared about detectives, often connected for some reason to children’s nursery rhymes. Indeed, some of the detectives take on the forms of intelligent creatures such a Albert the Snail, and The Little Pink Ant. […]

  5. I believe that The Little Pink Ant’s heart was so pure and full of love, that the universe granted her eternal life. One day a small beautiful girl called Anastasia, came into her garden. The Little Pink Ant was meserised by this beautiful soul. Each day she would long for Anastasia to come to the garden, and she was only at her happiest while watching Anastasia playing gleefully in her father’s garden.
    I believe The Little Pink Ant prayed each day to be able to be noticed by this beautiful soul Anastasia. So The Nature Spirits came to THe LIttle Pink Ant and told her that the universe could allow Anastasia to notice her in exchange for the eternity previously bestowed to her, and for this she would live only on this Earth in Anastasia’s presence.
    The Little Pink Ant could not believe the universe could grant her this wonderous gift.
    It only illustrates that if we live a pure life, have an overflowing heart, and ask the universe our prayers can be answered. Blessings to all xx

    • Prayers indeed can be answered. As a little girl when things were too tough and had nowhere to turn to I prayed for I didnt have The Little Pink Ant to talk to. It kept me hopeful that my future will be bright somedays, that determination becomes my inner strength. I believed nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved through hard work and never giving up. Each of us have a special gift but we need to listen to our heart and figure out what it is. A child like Anastasia indeed has a special gift because childrens mind has pure clean spirit. They have honest hearts. I believe children needs the Little PInk Ant to guide them and protect them and be a real friend.

  6. Dear Rozzie10

    It is wonderful to think that The Little Pink Ant leads us to such transcendent thoughts. Maybe your words will be an inspiration the The Reluctant Twitterer and encourage him to look more carefully for the visits of The Little Pink Ant to his garden.

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