Script Twitters needed for new Hollyhock Movie

Reluctant Twitterer 011

The Reluctant Twitterer is being propelled to stardom in a new film out of Hollyhock Universal Studios

Hollyhock Movies are famous for their Little Wild Life series of documentaries. Who can fail to have been moved by their first film, Stag Beatle Boll? Other blockbusters followed, such as Stick Insect Blues, and their recent success, Sheba the Amoeba.

Hollyhock Movies this week announced plans to break into the big-time with a romantic drama with an entirely new cast of characters. Director Laszlo Hilfinger is looking for someone to play the role of Little Pink Ant in the new movie, which has been provisionally named The Reluctant Twitterer.

Hilfinger says he got the basic idea from a poem in The Reluctant Twitterer blog about the little pink ant character, and a snail called Albert, who are both expected to appear in the movie.

Tempter ads are already finding their way on to U-tube.

Hollyhock Movies would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a script twitter for their new venture. Send your application to this blog as an idea (in no more than 140 characters), suggesting a story-line for The Reluctant Twitterer movie.


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