All quiet on the tweeting front

All is still on the tweeting front. The Reluctant Twitterer undertakes a period of enforced silence.

This silence is not at all sinister. Or fishy. Or anything like that. I have not been captured by a band of assassins.

There is one personal matter which I want Albert, or Little Pink Ant, or the Marmalade Beetection Agency to put an item on their TBD (To Be Detected) lists. Albert is enaged in a covert operation with his own identity disguised. So if anyone can pass this on to Albert then I will be most grateful.

“Dear Albert. Dealing with events of global reach must continue to be your priority. However, you may help in a more personal matter.

I seem to have lost my poetic voice. I had it last week, but now it’s gone. I can’t think what happened to it. Can you help?



3 Responses to “All quiet on the tweeting front”

  1. Dear Woodford,

    I have not seen Albert for some time! Indeed, it was only at this time that I met him: See Chap 18 in this

    If I see Albert, I will tell him of your missery. But, can I ask — is the problem over use? Or lack of stimulation?

    I know that humans sometimes have their best ideas when walking of having a shower — but neither occurs in a vacuum. The relaxed atmosphere of the shower or walk only serves to allow issues encounted or thought of during the more busy part of the day to be creatively processed. I am not suggesting that you loudly compose peotry as you walk along the street, but more time on the busy street may allow a more productive time in the shower.

    The Little Pink Ant
    P.S. As I am an ant and a little afraid of water, I have never had a creative idea is a shower. However, once a shower on the street caused me to utter some bad “peotry”.

  2. Oh!!!

    I am sorry for so many typing mistakes, but for an ant it is very hard to type on a people-computer. I must jump from one key to another — and some times I miss!

    But how would Albert type??

    The Little Pink Ant

  3. Don’t think I lost it through over-use. You mean it might have escaped its
    demanding owner? More like neglect and appearing to be too off-hand about its importance to me?

    No probs about spelling. At least you seem able to hop about and communicate. Albert has no access to e-mail and I suspect prefers to slither. I look foward to reading of the latest adventures, and passing news on to appropriate quarters.

    PS That hopping ant on the keyboard remins me of something I read long ago. Maybe it will come back to me along with the poetry.

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