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Climate Conspiracy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on November 30, 2009 by Tudor Rickards

It took the words of the greatest detective of all time to help me understand the nature of the climate conspiracy. As so often, the clues were obvious in hindsight.

To be more precise, it was Albert who first reminded me of the principle told to Dr Watson by Sherlock Holmes. Albert must have wheezed his way out of the garden and left one of his messages on the window pane of my office. Albert takes so long to write that he often uses a form of shorthand (or do I mean short leg). Even then he may slither away leaving an incomplete message. Like this one which read


I’m getting a bit better at figuring out the messages. He had nearly finished, and he was telling me I had to think more like the great detective. Eventually I did. But before that I returned to the stories I had been reading that had been baffling me. This week, for example, global leaders prepare for a conference on climate change.

There were also tales of cover-ups by scientists working on climate change . Why should scientists destroy their own files? What can be gained from having incomplete records? I could make no sense of it.

As I stared out of the window of my office, I began to see what Albert meant by his message. Just in time, too. The message was already disappearing as dawn broke over Woodford. Sherlock Holmes operated on the principle that by eliminating all things believed to be possible you could find the answer to a problem in the impossible.

It was impossible that reputable scientists would collude to make their results more convincing. Impossible. But then I remembered other cases in which greed and ambition had forced scientists on to the dark side. Yes, something was leading them into temptation of fixing their results. They were only pawns in a wider game, perhaps. The Governments of the world are wrestling with the problems of climate change. There could be powerful forces indeed encouraging, maybe forcing the scientists to take the actions they are taking.

Behind the scientists are the dark forces I had been coming across and documenting in these posts. They should make all of us wary of what we read and hear. But conspiracies always have a weakness. Like Albert, they leave a trail. However hard they strive in their covert plotting, the trail can be identified. The codes can be broken. I don’t know any more whether the scientists have found evidence that points to man-made climate change or points away from it. But I am sure that we all must be especially vigilant in believing what we are told.


You can run away
but you can’t hide
For every path you take
will leave a trail
which brings us closer
to the hidden grail
at the turning of the tide