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All quiet on the tweeting front

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All is still on the tweeting front. The Reluctant Twitterer undertakes a period of enforced silence.

This silence is not at all sinister. Or fishy. Or anything like that. I have not been captured by a band of assassins.

There is one personal matter which I want Albert, or Little Pink Ant, or the Marmalade Beetection Agency to put an item on their TBD (To Be Detected) lists. Albert is enaged in a covert operation with his own identity disguised. So if anyone can pass this on to Albert then I will be most grateful.

“Dear Albert. Dealing with events of global reach must continue to be your priority. However, you may help in a more personal matter.

I seem to have lost my poetic voice. I had it last week, but now it’s gone. I can’t think what happened to it. Can you help?




The Mysterious Case of The Reluctant Twitterer

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Picture 001

It has been several months since the first messages began to appear. It now seems time for an update on the mysterious case of the reluctant twitterer

I am that Reluctant Twitterer, although I have no way of convincing anyone of the truth of that statement. Let’s just say that you can assume that this post has been written by the person responsible for the other contributions to this blog.

There are several recurring themes to be found in earlier posts. Many verses refer to current news stories about Twitter. I have said that I do not have a Twitter name, and I do not tweet directly through Twitter the social media site.

Why should someone so interested in Twitter avoid tweeting directly? Wouldn’t that be the best way to tell other people whatever it is you want to say? Maybe. Maybe I will be persuaded to sign-up on Twitter as a result of what happens in the future.

I have chosen what is obviously a less direct approach. Why? Why should someone be so reluctant? I have decided to leave that question for others to work out. In which case, there are deeper meanings to be discovered, and which are concealed in the posts because of my deeper concerns. The verses, the tags, the images, the themes all may have to be studied to arrive at the deeper message. This would explain the strange and apparently unconnected aspects to be found in the posts.

In one, an appeal was made for a detective to help solve an unspcified problem. Following the appeal, posts appeared about detectives, often connected for some reason to children’s nursery rhymes. Indeed, some of the detectives take on the forms of intelligent creatures such as Albert the Snail, and The Little Pink Ant.

Maybe I have no such deep secret which needs to be told. Maybe this is all a game. Or maybe this is a tale told by a twitterer, full of sound and fury but signifying not a lot. You have to decide for yourself if you want to get involved in the mysterious case of the Reluctant Twitterer.

Script Twitters needed for new Hollyhock Movie

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Reluctant Twitterer 011

The Reluctant Twitterer is being propelled to stardom in a new film out of Hollyhock Universal Studios

Hollyhock Movies are famous for their Little Wild Life series of documentaries. Who can fail to have been moved by their first film, Stag Beatle Boll? Other blockbusters followed, such as Stick Insect Blues, and their recent success, Sheba the Amoeba.

Hollyhock Movies this week announced plans to break into the big-time with a romantic drama with an entirely new cast of characters. Director Laszlo Hilfinger is looking for someone to play the role of Little Pink Ant in the new movie, which has been provisionally named The Reluctant Twitterer.

Hilfinger says he got the basic idea from a poem in The Reluctant Twitterer blog about the little pink ant character, and a snail called Albert, who are both expected to appear in the movie.

Tempter ads are already finding their way on to U-tube.

Hollyhock Movies would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a script twitter for their new venture. Send your application to this blog as an idea (in no more than 140 characters), suggesting a story-line for The Reluctant Twitterer movie.


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Little Pink Ant

The Little Pink Ant is special
She’s as pink as an Ant can be.
She walks along on two of her legs
And talks like you and me.

The Little Pink Ant has a Secret
I wonder what it might be.
I think she has told Anastasia
Bue Anastasia won’t tell me.

Is it how the ant got her pinkness
Or can walk on just two feet?
Or because she joins in discussions
As she dances down the street?

Albert the Snail has a secret
But Albert is also discreet.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Albert
And The Little Pink Ant could meet?