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The Reluctant Twitterer: A Manifesto

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 25, 2009 by Tudor Rickards


The identity of the Reluctant Twitterer remains a closely guarded secret. This, despite various claims based on faulty logic. Do not assume as fact that which has not been put to the test. It is the case, for example, that RT has been given blogging space on Word Press sharing a dashboard with posts about leadership . There has never been any claim, however, that co-location should lead to the presumption of shared identity.

The Reluctant Twitterer site defines itself through its posts, examining the contemporary world, and alerting readers to present and current dangers to the planet and its inhabitants. However, it should be evident that to operate without attracting the attention on undesirable forces, anonymity is necessary. Consequently, RT has from time to time laid down clues which may be there to mislead rather than enlighten.

The mission of the Reluctant Twitter calls for collaboration by like-minded individuals. In that respect we welcome support from anyone who has been intrigued, worried, or inspired by the writing. Such support will be directly or indirectly acknowledged, as it helps shape future posts, and as the ideas of The Reluctant Twitterer become more widely known and acted upon.

Already, such support has been offered from as far afield as Moscow and Macclesfield; Boston Mass, and Boston Lincs; Woodstock and Woodford; Upminster and Upsalla: Dhaka and Delhi. Of particular interest are communications which seem utterly unconnected with serious global issues: children’s stories about ants, snails, bees, and horses. These communications may carry with them hidden messages which other readers may uncover.

Are you ready to support the cause of world peace, and oppose all efforts that threaten the imposition of tyrannical regimes from wherever source they emerge? If so, join the ranks of supporters of the Reluctant Twitter. Opposed by the creativity of the people, dictators will not prevail.