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Albert’s Christmas Cracker

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on December 12, 2009 by Tudor Rickards

Something bright caught my eye in the garden early this morning. A Christmas Cracker no bigger than your little finger. There it was, underneath the Holly bush.

So, no ordinary Christmas Cracker. When I got closer I could see who had left it. Albert. He had also left a e-trail on the path, which said Hpy Xms. He must have been in a special hurry. Maybe he was delivering presents on a Christmas crawl.

When I got even closer I saw that Albert had found an empty sweet wrapper, crinkly red and shiny gold. And in it was a riddle, The sort you get in a real Christmas Cracker. Only it wasn’t. I couldn’t see what it meant at all.

Q: What do you call the Queen Bee?
A: Marmalade

Why can’t Albert ask proper riddles? And is it more than just a weird joke. I don’t think I remember Albert telling a joke before. Perhaps he hasn’t understood that a riddle is supposed to give you an Aha! moment when you see the answer.

Like: Why is Ulrika so creative? Answer: because she is always having Ulreka moments.

So come on. Can anyone answer Albert’s riddle?

O.K. A very small Xmas prize for anyone who sends best answer before Albert gets back in touch.


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Bee (Bucknell)

Sophie the Lady Detective
is a friend of a friend of a friend
who tells me of Sophie’s adventures
which never come to an end

When Sophie has a problem
she talks to the friend of my friend
who lives in a hive in the garden
and it all comes right in the end

Sophie’s friend who lives in the garden
is the Queen of all the bees.
She can call up her army of workers
in answer to Sophie’s pleas

So I’m going send a message
As soon as I’ve had my tea
to ask if Sophie will ask the queen
To solve a problem for me.