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I have consistently refused to join Twitter, but with help from friends I can’t help noticing its remarkable and growing influence on everyday life.

Recently, Albert drew my attention to Twitter Haiku. I assume it was from Albert. I recognized the tell-tale smeary trail across the window pane. A smail of few words, Albert had set a terse question: “Twitter Haiku?”

Twitter Haiku? Why not, I wondered. Twitter seems an admirable medium for poets. Its favoured son Stephen Fry adores poetry. The one hundred and forty characters rule hints at a near-perfect burst of arrows. Fourteen lines with ten bits a line: the ancient stable for a sonnet. Why not write Haiku and post them to Twitter?

Why not indeed? And call them Twaiku. Yoko Ono recently judged a Twitter Hiaku competition:

To submit haikus, commuters have to place the prefix @kingsplace so their entries will be picked up by the Kings Place Twitter account. The best contributions are then moderated and appear within minutes on the largest digital billboard at the station. The initiative has been launched by Kings Place, a cultural and conference centre, situated in Kings Cross.

The winner was Simon Brake, a London commuter and designer.

A Haiku has a purity that defies tyrants and spies alike. Maybe Twitter will embrace Haiku. Long may Haiku reveal their truths in a confusing and threatening World.


Writing a Haiku
Lines on autumn papyrus
Converge. Star streams

Waters paint the land
With lead grey strokes. Arches yield,
Expire. Patience

The Reluctant Twitterer