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Is Wikipedia Dead?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on November 26, 2009 by Tudor Rickards

This week, Newsnight, a late night current affairs programme from the BBC, raised the challenging question: Is Wikipedia dead. The BBC has been following the rise and fall of Wikipedia for some while. In August, [2009] an earlier Newsnight interview had examined the story that Wikipedia was abandoning its original Utopian idea of democratising the information revolution.

This week, Newsnight [November 25th 2009] returned to the question in its typically robust and confrontational style. It had picked up a study which reported a haemorrhaging of wiki editors in 2009.

The BBC had found an angry advocate for the prosecution of Wikipedia in an author who attacked Wikipedia as a thoroughly bad thing doomed to failure through its business model. The counterargument was that Wikipedia is grounded in the inherent altruism of society.

Self-preservation versus altruism. Not a new matter of debate.


It was a springtime dream not long ago
Then the awakening in an unknown place
With hanging fruit abundantly on show
And streams where silver snappers grow

When did the fruit begin to rot away
Why did the streams dry up? I do not know
How did it change? I cannot say
Nor who will profit now or who will pay