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I’ve been busy in another world. You know how it is. Just when you should be vigilant you get distracted

What’s happening? I think I’ve made contact. I went down to the village shop today to buy a piece of cheese. The snows of yesterday had melted. All was quiet. The sun was shining. Maybe the bad weather has been keeping Albert out of the garden. I never saw anyone on the way, but as I went in, I was attracted to a poster in front of the shop. It said “Air Show to come back in 2012”. The Air Show was the pride of the village until it was cancelled many years ago. But why should it come back. Everything has changed. New owners had come to the shop and there had been someone I didn’t know behind the counter who had handed over the cheese and my change with out speaking. He looked as if he should have been in School. He was very large and his head almost reached the ceiling behind the little counter.

I came back out into the sunshine. There were two other young people in the car park, a boy and a girl. They looked as if they had taken the afternoon off from School, as well. The girl was holding an interviewing microphone. The boy was struggling with a large recording camera.

“Please can you help us?” the girl asked. “We are interviewing local residents about the Air show coming back”.

“Shouldn’t you be at School?”

“It’s for WSTV” she explained. “I’m Stella and this Callum”. I could see they were both wearing the Woodford School plum and gold Uniform.

“I’m Trevor” I said. It was a name which came into my head. “What’s all this about the Air Show?”.

“Do you think it should come back?”.

I hardly could speak. But they may have put it down to Camera fright. I was thinking furiously. The Airshow will bring people from all over the world back to the village. It will be just the place for something big to happen. Somewhere for strangers to appear without attracting any attention.

“Oh yes” I said. “I think it’s a very good idea”.

Then I hurried away before stopping again and turning back.

“When will this interview be shown.”

“When we’ve finished the project. It’s going to be a documentary”.

I turned away again. But I had regained my composure, and I did not walk back down the village street. Instead I went in the opposite direction towards the village hall, just in case someone else had been listening and watching.