Waiting for Cherry Blossom time

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The dusty old shoes

Look at me dolefully.


The garden mud has caked into sepia scars

From their last outing.


They have been replaced in my affections

By puppyish new favourites.


They are now waiting for Cherry Blossom time.

Afterwards, the visit to the church,

And then on to the churchyard.


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A noble and historic name to share

With Kingsley, Darwin, Dickens, Charles de Gaulle

The great and good upon the honour roll

For purity of soul or exploit rare


The Bonnie Prince, pretender to the throne

Born to be Charles the Third, across the sea,

Might have been crowned, historians agree

And witnessed thus upon the stone of Scone


Neither should the Charlies be forgotten

On stage and screen, they kept us all awake

Chaplin and Chester, Griffith, George and Drake

Some really good, some fair, some rather rotten


For Charles LX, a new decade appears

Here’s to the next half century of years.




TR May 2017

I Took a Little Tiger Moth

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[In Memorium:  to John Magee and his High Flight]
I took a little tiger moth
On its last journey, today.
We started out from Woodford,
Where before, the great planes were built
In peacetime and in war.
It was sunny.
Blue skies, no wind
All  clear on the smooth unhurried run.
So smooth, I hardly noticed the familiar sights.
We approached Bramhall, where they are building now
To  speed the flow of Cheshire traffic to the airport.
It was only after we arrived, and I had stopped the engine
That I noticed my companion
The beautiful tiger moth
Securely strapped in
And attached to my driving mirror.

Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali
The greatest
for me.

Don’t think I’ll see
Another Ali
And now he’s free.

I learned to box

But here’s the thing

In a kitchen

Not in a ring


Good King Wenceslas looked out …

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Good king Wensceslas looked out

On the feast of Stephen

Then he heard a snowman shout

“Don’t get mad, get even”

You should never go it alone

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These lines were put together from an observation I made about self-publishing.

You should never go it alone

You need all the help you can get

The Roulette Wheel of life

doesn’t pay on a single bet

Terry Gilliam was walking in Rhyl

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Terry Gilliam was walking in Rhyl

in search of a script that would thrill.

But the wind and the gales

made him get out of Wales

and head for the shores of Brazil